[URDU] Celebrating 15th Sha’baan – Permissible or Not? by Dr Saleem Anwar

People argue about the narrations on this subject. Are they all weak and rejected? What is the scholarly view?


[URDU] Bid’ah – Innovation by Dr Saleem Anwar

Another topic where scholars divide in terms of its difinition, types and rulings. The confusion thus created among common people precipitated by half-baked maulvis is known to most practising Muslim. This video is an attempt to try to understand the different views and nurture tolerance for fellow Muslims.


[Urdu] Takfeer – Condemning others as disbelievers by Dr Saleem Anwar

As with most issues, there are extreme views on this as well. Some Muslims are too quick to judge others while others are ‘too generous’ to let everything pass unattended. Dr Saleem recounts basic principles of takfeer.