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Maintaining Interpersonal relations despite the Odds

Dealing with difficult relationship

How to cope with relatives who cause hurt and trouble?


Can we break ties of relationship when we suspect the person has been involved in witchcraft against us?

Tazkiyah or Ihsaan

Is there a difference between tazkiyah and ihsaan? In short, YES.

Tazkiyyah is a Quranic term
Ihsaan is a hadeeth term

2 parts
– Takhliya – remove diseases of heart
– Tahliya – beautify the heart with good traits

2 stations of ihsaan:
– worship as though you are witnessing Allah – first or  higher station – mushaahada
– worship as though Allah is witnessing you – second or lower station – muraaqaba

Science of Tasawwuf originated from the concept of tazkiyah and ihsaan. Just like the sciences of fiqh, hadeeth, tafseer, creed and Arabic grammar, etc., tasawwuf is also a science that deals with tazkiyyah and ihsaan.

The ‘path’ to achieve tazkiyyah or ihsaan or tasawwuf is tareeqah or sulook. Other relevant terms are maslak and madhhab .