Life Support in Brain Death

Ventilators and other forms of life support whilst a patient is brain dead

There is difference of opinion on this matter

4 Questions have been discussed.

  1. Is brain death real death
  2. When heart and lungs
  3. Withdrawing life support with ventilators when there is hope of recovery
    • What if the life support treatment is not affordable
  4. Withdrawing life support with ventilators when there is NO hope of recovery

In conclusion when someone is brain dead and doctors have no hope of recovery, withdrawing life support seems permissible.

Allahu A’lam


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First 10 days of Dhul Hijjah and Eid Al Adha

Significance of, activities and worship during, the first ten days of Dhul Hijjah. And details of Qurbani sacrifice of Eid Al Adha

  1. do not trim body hair (this is mubaah, as per Hanafi fiqh)
  2. excessive worship like fasting especially the 9th (Day of Arafat). The night of
  3. sacrifice animal on the 10th (waajib according to Hanafi fiqh based on the ayat of surah kauthar; sunnah in other schools)
    • necessary for anyone (man and woman) who is the owner of any spare cash / property / inventory of more than 7.5 tola of Gold or 52.5 tola of Silver

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