Holding Mushaf in Prayers

New trend of holding Mushaf in taraweeh is becoming commoner. Is it valid?


What is Awwaabeen Awwabeen Prayer? It is offered after Maghrib or after sunrise?

Lautna palatna ruju’ karna. Prayer of the people who are excessive in their return , have a special relationship with Allah.

Ishraaq, chaasht / duhaa (in sahih hadeeth called awwabeen). Tahajjud can also be called awwaabeen, technically speaking.

After maghrib (6 or 20 raka’at) has also been called awwabeen albeit in da’eef ahadeeth. However note that da’eef ahadeeth (as long as not very da’eef and not maudoo’ fabricated) when more than one (muta’addid) can become hasan li ghairihi. These

Da’eef hadeeth can be benefited from for fazaail e a’maal. For targheeb (Encouragement) and tarheeb (Warning)

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General principles of what breaks fasting.

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