Hijaamah – Cupping

Is cupping sunnah?

Playing cards, Ludo etc

Is it prohibited to play cards, ludo etc?

wearing silk

Can we wear silk tie?

Keeping beard

Keeping beard of at least the length of palm’s width is necessary waajib according to all Imaams except Imaam Shafi’i who said it is sunnah mu-akkadah.

Newborn traditions

Recommended actions following a new arrival in the family

  • Thank Allah
  • Adhan in right ear
  • Iqamah in left ear
  • Tahneek – date – sunnat
  • Give a good name
  • 7th day Aqeeqah shave head – silver of hair’s weight sadaqa –  mustahab. 2 sheep for boy 1 for girl if possible.
  • Circumcision 7th day if possible otherwise later