Pleasing parents despite personal prerogatives

Maintaining Interpersonal relations despite the Odds

Dealing with difficult relationship

How to cope with relatives who cause hurt and trouble?

Significance of ‘Trivial’ deeds

When falling short in deeds of major significance one tends to consider trivial deeds futile. In the audio there are examples of people who were saved because of these trivial deeds despite major sins. However when enjoining others to good, give emphasis according to the significance of the deed. In so far as this, it is necessary to have the knowledge of the degree of severity of sins and the order of excellence of deeds.

Disobedient children – Reasons and treatment

Parents should assess their own actions for sins and examine their behaviour with children. Beyond that, it is possible that a disobedient child could be a test from Allah – in which case parents should supplicate dua to Allah.