Handshake with people of Opposite Gender

Pleasing parents despite personal prerogatives

Etiquettes of Hijab and Niqab

Veil is part of shari’ah not a mere cultural practice.

Is it waajib (necessary)? There has been a difference of opinion on the necessity (waajib) of veil even among the sahaba.

Hanafi fiqh:  Face is not part of satar (awrah / private part) but covering the face is necessary (waajib) for young women. In current times, there may be an excuse in places where is a real risk of being castigated. Women who do not wear veil in such circumstances should do so with a conscious awareness of deprivation rather than freedom.

Hand shake or Musaafahah

What is the Sunnah way of shaking hands with another Muslim?

Insulting the Messenger of Allah

What is the punishment of the one who insults the Prophet peace be upon him?