Difference between Firqa and Fiqha

Firqa parasti – based on branches of religion (not principles, not usul or foundations) a group that proclaims exclusivity in their correctness.

Fiqha – are jurisprudence. Hanafi, Shafi’, Hambali, Maliki are not Firqas

Due to ignorance, extremism in Fiqha can appear like a Firqa

The sunnah way of uniting the so-called firqay is by finding the common ground rather than declassifying them all and expecting or forcing people to forsake their groups and unite as a single group of ‘Muslims’.

Life Support in Brain Death

Ventilators and other forms of life support whilst a patient is brain dead

There is difference of opinion on this matter

4 Questions have been discussed.

  1. Is brain death real death
  2. When heart and lungs
  3. Withdrawing life support with ventilators when there is hope of recovery
    • What if the life support treatment is not affordable
  4. Withdrawing life support with ventilators when there is NO hope of recovery

In conclusion when someone is brain dead and doctors have no hope of recovery, withdrawing life support seems permissible.

Allahu A’lam


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