Isaalu Thawab. Passing on rewards to others.

It is permissible to ascribe/ transfer / dedicate / pass on ones rewards of good deeds including recitation of Quran to others.

Du’a during Salaah in other than Arabic

Dua supplications recited during salaah should only be from those that the Prophet of Allāh, upon him peace and blessings, has taught. These are naturally in Arabic. This is the Hanafi opinion for both Fard and Nafil prayers.

Opinion differs in other schools of law.

Tilaawat e Qur’aan

Few essential points regarding the recitation of Qur’aan – in and outside of prayers

Du’a to someone wearing New Clothes

Tawassul and Wasilah

The four main schools of jurisprudence allow tawassul in all the 4 types.

  1. By mentioning the beautiful names of Allah
  2. One’s own good deeds
  3. Through a pious living person
  4. Deceased pious person


The first time tawassul through a deceased pious person (including Prophets and Messengers) was deemed impermissible was Imam ibn Taymiyya.