Reciting Quran & Du’a & Dhikr in a state of Impurity

In a state of ritual impority or menstruation Quran should not be touched and Quran ayaat should not be recited.
On a hand held device or phone – difference of opinion. As a matter of respect it is better to be in a state of wudu.

However for tasbeeh and du’a (even if dua taken from the Quran verse) can be recited in state of impuirty.


Washing the Deceased

Washing the dead / deceased / dead body is an important ritual. Common folk should learn how to do this and partake in it whenever they have an opportunity. It helps remind of our own mortality and strengthen faith.

Ruling of Wudu and Prayer for Bedridden person

Ruling of wudu and prayer for bedridden person

Istinja & Istibra after urination. Tissues okay?

Okay to water or tissues / brick / stone. Better to use both. When impurity spreads beyond the orifice by an area of a currency coin (approx 2.75 cm) for urine and approx 4 cm for faeces it is necessary to use water.

Istibra – removal of residual urine in the passage – this is necessary for purification.