Salaatur Raghaaib

Dhul Qa’da, Dhul Hijjah, Muharram and Rajjab are the four muhtaram sacred months (arba’t al hurum)

the night of Mi’raaj may have been in this month but no authentic reports.

On the night of the First Thursday of the month – superogatory prayers 12 units in 2s – NO evidence for such prayers in Saheeh or even Dha’eef hadith. Several ‘Ulama have said this is Bid’ah.

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Recitation in prayer – few points

Guidance on:

  1. Reciting multiple surahs in one unit of Fard or Nafl prayer
  2. Keeping the order of surahs
  3. Skipping one small surah
  4. Reciting Bismillah at the beginning of the next surah – etc

Offering Fajr and Asr towards their end times

Fajr – must be completed before the sun starts to rise

Asr – must be commenced before the sun starts to set