Bathing on Friday for Jumu’ah

Is it waajib or sunnat?


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Etiquettes of Leading Prayer regarding Length of Recitation

Prophet advised imaams / aimma to not prolong prayers and give due consideration to the followers in various circumstances (old and disabled, working people, students…). A general advise is as follows. This is not binding on the imaams.

Fajra and Zuhr: Tiwaal e mufassal – from Surah Hujarat

Asr and Isha: Awsaat e mufassal – from Surah Burooj

Maghrib: Qisaar e mufassal – from Surah Bayyinah

Looking around during Prayer

What is the ruling on looking around during prayer?

Looking around by turning the…

… gaze — not ideal (khilaaf e aula)

… head — disliked (makrooh). Should not be done unless there is a valid reason.

… trunk in a way that the chest is not facing the qiblah — invalidates prayer

Recitation behind Travelling Imam

Does Muqtadi need to recite behind Musaafir Imam?

Intention of Salaah in a congregation