Tahajjud timing

Do we have to sleep after ‘isha to perform tahajjud prayer?

Haafizah leading taraweeh prayer

Can a haafizah woman lead taraweeh prayer?

Ishraaq or Dhuha prayers

Is Ishraaq or Chasht (or Dhuha) two separate kind of optional prayers?

Extra prayers after sunset till before the Zuhr time enters. Majority Fuqaha / Ulama say that the two prayers are one and the same – called Ishraaq when prayed early on and Dhuhaa when prayed later on.

As per Sufiyya – two distinct prayers. Ishraaq (2 to 4 raka’ts). Duhua (Chasht) (8 to 12 raka’ts)


Difference between Taraweeh and Tahajjud in Ramadan

Difference between Taraweeh and Tahajjud in Ramadan. Notes on how Taraweeh was introduced in the form that it is currently offered.

Eid prayer for women

Should women attend eid prayer congregation?