Witr timing

Prophet (saws) told us to make witr the last prayer. This command (amr) is istahbaabi (recommended) not wujoobi (obligatory), since Prophet (saws) himself was seen to pray 2 raka-at after witr

Prophet’s norm was to do witr after tahajjud. But he ordered Hurairah to do it before sleeping.

If you think you are not going to wake up for tahajjud then do witr before sleeping.

Funeral prayer in absentia

Can we pray janaazah in the absence of deceased? Ghaaibaana janaazah!

Allowed in Shafi’i and Hambali madhhab. Allowed as per Hanafi and Maliki. Listen to details in the audio.


Tahajjud timing

Do we have to sleep after ‘isha to perform tahajjud prayer?

Haafizah leading taraweeh prayer

Can a haafizah woman lead taraweeh prayer?