Bathing on Friday for Jumu’ah

Is it waajib or sunnat?


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Sunnah raka’t of Zuhr on Jumu’ah

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Janaazah – inside or outside the masjid

Can the bier be kept inside the masjid? Can the musallees be the inside the masjid?

Sunnah and Nawaafil during Travel

Should one pray sunnah and nafl during travelling?

  • Omiting the sunnah mu-akkadah prayers during travel is not a sin.
  • Missing the sunnah mu-akkadah prayers without an excuse in normal circumstances is a sin.
  • Now a days traveling is relatively easy. Therefore one should try and not miss the extra rewards that are obtainable by offering the sunnah prayers even during travel.

Etiquettes of Leading Prayer regarding Length of Recitation

Prophet advised imaams / aimma to not prolong prayers and give due consideration to the followers in various circumstances (old and disabled, working people, students…). A general advise is as follows. This is not binding on the imaams.

Fajra and Zuhr: Tiwaal e mufassal – from Surah Hujarat

Asr and Isha: Awsaat e mufassal – from Surah Burooj

Maghrib: Qisaar e mufassal – from Surah Bayyinah