Zakaat to ‘Those whose Hearts need to be Reconciled’.

Zakaat to mu-allifatul quloob

Types of Sadaqa or Alms. How they differ with Zakaat

Making a Pledge or Vow to Allah (Mannat)

  • Permissible.
  • Waajib to complete nadhar نذر   or mannat once it is made.
  •  2 types
    • a) conditional – those that are fulfilled upon attaining something that is desired
    • b) unconditional
  • Kaffara necessary if nadhar not completed.
  • Prophet has discouraged nadhar that can become a source of self inflicted hardship or tribulation
  • Nadhar does not change one’s fate.
  • Not liked when someone engaged in manaat and nadhar all the time.

Zakaat on Money that Others Owe you

There are two main types of money (debts / daeen) that others owe to you.  The rule is different for both with regards to Zakaah Zakaat.

  1. daeen qawee – one is certain that the money they have lent to someone will be timely returned to them. Zakaat is due on this money even as you are waiting to receive it.
  2. daeen da’eef – wages, remuneration, pension etc., that are due. Zakaat becomes due on this only when have actually received this money.

Zakaat ruling when in debt

Zakaat ruling when in debt