Trimming hair to come out of Ihraam


Waajib to trim hair to come out of the state of ihraam ihram. 2 options

  1. Trim at least a fourth of the hair on the head.
  2. Shaving head is better

Joining Jumu’ah late

You have secured your Jumua’h salaah if you joined the imaam before the salaam.

Too much or too little emphasis on ad-Dajjal

Du’a during Salaah in other than Arabic

Dua supplications recited during salaah should only be from those that the Prophet of Allāh, upon him peace and blessings, has taught. These are naturally in Arabic. This is the Hanafi opinion for both Fard and Nafil prayers.

Opinion differs in other schools of law.

Lending money

Claiming back the difference arising from inflation and deflation on the a loan is also considered as interest and is prohibited.

Remember! – Zakaat is due on lent money.

Keywords: Qarda, Kharza, Qarza