Nurturing children

How and when to inculcate the love for essential Islamic practices in children

Backbiting spouses

To ridicule one’s spouse in friends or family gatherings – an endemic disease

Causing split between spouses

What is the ruling on someone involved in such activities knowingly or unknowingly with sincerity?

Etiquettes of Leading Prayer regarding Length of Recitation

Prophet advised imaams / aimma to not prolong prayers and give due consideration to the followers in various circumstances (old and disabled, working people, students…). A general advise is as follows. This is not binding on the imaams.

Fajra and Zuhr: Tiwaal e mufassal – from Surah Hujarat

Asr and Isha: Awsaat e mufassal – from Surah Burooj

Maghrib: Qisaar e mufassal – from Surah Bayyinah

Sajda Sahw – different methods