All praise belongs to Allah the Lord of the worlds. May the blessings and peace of Allah be upon His Messenger, and upon his family, and all of his companions.

The questions asked by the musallees in our masjid at different times were responded to over the years. My practice has been to answer those questions asked by more than one mussallee in the masjid after the Fajr prayers for the benefit of masses. Subsequently, I would note those down for future need to save me from researching again. Publishing those responses has never occurred to me. Over a decade has passed whereby the practice remained with common queries being answered regularly.

This is a collection of the responses gleaned from the books of great scholars of Hanafi jurisprudence over centuries. Hence it is dedicated to those purified souls. I am only a compiler. Hafidh Ibn Abd al-Barr, may Allah’s mercy be upon him said, ‘the blessings of the knowledge are gained by attributing it to the deserving person[1]’.

I request the honourable readers to point out any shortcomings and mistakes found therein to me for correction.

May Allah make it a source of knowledge and blessings for the Ummah through divine acceptance. May Allah reward respected Anwar Sharif sahib immensely in both worlds. May Allah give us all firm resolve to duly benefit from it.

(Mufti) Ibrahim Barodvi

Khateeb Leytonstone Masjid &
Shaykh-ul-Hadith of Jamiat-us-Saalihaat Noor-ul-Islam
London – UK


[1] Mufti Mahmood Hasan may Allah’s mercy be upon him




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