Interest-based loan to buy house

Is it permissible?

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  1. Zeeshan

    As Salam u Alaykum – Shaykh first of all id like to say Jazak Allah hu Khairan with all my heart for this most effective talk on buying a house via an interest based loan in the West as it has further clarified my original decision. This link was forwarded to me by a brother from our Masjid (May Allah reward him).

    Secondly I had a few concerns re same subject and would be greatful if you could kindly take out some
    time and personally shed some further light on it:-

    1. The home buying formulations by banks like Al Rayaan bank in the UK who claim that their home buying strategy is interest free and it’s just rent that you pay to us and not interest etc and also that our board of directors and think tanks backing our concept are completely based on shariah and have world renowned shaykhs and mufti’s (I prefer not to name them here but I’m sure most of us know them). So they say that it is completely halal and rest assured that you will not be doing anything against the principles of Deen by buying a house via us. I would be ever so greatful if this can be clarified by your respected self as it’s a big dilemma for me.

    2. In households / families especially in the west where the level of this miserable debate and buying a house because of the waswisa of the accursed shaytaan (even if it is on interest based loans from a bank) is so much so where in wives threaten to leave their husbands and break their ties If they don’t buy them a house on that concept and say that it is for the betterment of the children etc. On the other hand the men dint do it even though Allah has made them
    capable but not doing it on that principle only for the sake of Allah and to fulfill the Ahkamaat of Allah and just so that on Roz e Akhirah he is not punished for that major sin. What should they do Shaykh? They love their wife and children just like Any god fearing man would and yes they do want what’s best for them and a major part of their heart does fear losing them because of not succumbing to these demands from
    Their wives But on the other hand and much more so they fear the wrath of Allah SWT.

    Your replies to the above are most appreciated and Allah willing (could be the solution by Allah) for the togetherness of many such families in the west so that they may be away from falling apart and in turn inflicting misery upon themselves and more so on the children. May Allah reward you abundantly for this and give you the tawfeeq for your words of advice to be effective and 100% based on the principles of righteousness for this world and The Hereafter.
    Ameen sum Ameen

    Jazak um Allah Hu Khairan

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