Learn Arabic in English: Part 2 for Beginners (Free Course)

The easy way to learn Arabic online is through recorded video lessons. You can play videos as many times as you want and it’s all Free.

Arabic Tutor – Volume 2 عربی کا معام ـ

Lesson 29 to Lesson 65

  • The Categories of Triliteral Verbs
  • The Intransitive and Transitive Verbs and the Active and Passive Verbs
  • Changes in the Verb due to the Doer
  • The Different Types of the Perfect Tense
  • The Different Forms of the Imperfect
  • The Emphasized Imperfect Tense
  • The Imperative and the Prohibition
  • The Derived Nouns
  • The Adjectival Nouns
  • The Elative
  • The Categories other than the Triliteral Verbs
  • The Particles