Arabic ka Muallim – Volume 3 عربی کا معام ـ

Lesson 66 to Lesson

  • The Types of Verb
  • The Types of Changes and Some Rules
  • Hamzated Verbs
  • The Doubled Verbs
  • The Semi-Vowelled Verbs
  • The Hollow Verb
  • The Defective Verb
  • The Jussive Mood of the Imperfect
  • The Double Weak Verb and the Verb رَاَي
  • The Remaining Triliteral Categories
  • The Special Meanings of Each Verb Category
  • اَفْعَالُ ناقصة
  • اَفْعَالُ المُقَارَبَة
  • The Verbs of Praise and Dispraise
  • Pronouns
  • Relative Pronouns
  • The Declension of Nouns

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