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Part 1 for Beginners

Arabic ka Muallim – Volume 1 عربی کا معام ـ

Lesson 1 to Lesson 28

  • Words and the Types of Words
  • The Particles
  • Compounds
  • Gender
  • Singular and Plural
  • Sentence with a Noun
  • The Genitive of Possession
  • The Scale of Words
  • The Broken Plural
  • The Case of Nouns
  • Indicative Pronouns
  • Interrogative Nouns
  • The Verb
  • The Imperfect

Part 2 for Beginners

Arabic ka Muallim – Volume 2 عربی کا معام ـ

Lesson 29 to Lesson 65

  • The Categories of Triliteral Verbs
  • The Intransitive and Transitive Verbs and the Active and Passive Verbs
  • Changes in the Verb due to the Doer
  • The Different Types of the Perfect Tense
  • The Different Forms of the Imperfect
  • The Emphasized Imperfect Tense
  • The Imperative and the Prohibition
  • The Derived Nouns
  • The Adjectival Nouns
  • The Elative
  • The Categories other than the Triliteral Verbs
  • The Particles

Part 3 for Advanced Learners

Arabic ka Muallim – Volume 3 عربی کا معام ـ

Lesson 66 to Lesson

  • The Types of Verb
  • The Types of Changes and Some Rules
  • Hamzated Verbs
  • The Doubled Verbs
  • The Semi-Vowelled Verbs
  • The Hollow Verb
  • The Defective Verb
  • The Jussive Mood of the Imperfect
  • The Double Weak Verb and the Verb رَاَي
  • The Remaining Triliteral Categories
  • The Special Meanings of Each Verb Category
  • اَفْعَالُ ناقصة
  • اَفْعَالُ المُقَارَبَة
  • The Verbs of Praise and Dispraise
  • Pronouns
  • Relative Pronouns
  • The Declension of Nouns

Part 4 for Advanced Learners

Arabic ka Muallim – Volume 4 عربی کا معام ـ

Lesson to Lesson

  • The Numerals
  • The Ordinal Numbers
  • The Date
  • Telling the Time
  • The Non-Causative Particles
  • The Remaining Particles
  • Sentences
  • Declension
  • The Declension of a Verb
  • The Jussive Case
  • The Declension of a Noun
  • The Cases of the Noun
  • The Subject and Predicate
  • The Accusative Case
  • The Adverb
  • The Condition
  • Specification
  • The Exception
  • The Vocative
  • The Genetive
  • Apposition
  • Emphasis
  • البَدلُ
  • المعطوف
  • The Verbal Noun
  • اسماء الصفة
  • The Dual, Plural and Diminutive
  • اسماء الافعال

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