Negligence in resting the toes on the floor during prostration

The prostration (Sajdah) according to Sunnah is done by placing one’s forehead, nose tip, both palms, knees and toes on the ground. There has been slackness in this in the last century or so.

The ruling will be different in varied situations, as summarised below:

  • People who do not rest toes of both the feet on the floor and instead keep them hovering during whole of prostration – their prayer becomes invalid. They must repeat it.
  • Those people who rest the toes on the floor only momentarily their prayer is disliked (makrooh).
  • Likewise those who rest the toes of only one foot, their prayer is disliked (makrooh).
  • To rest only the tip of the toes on the floor is against the Prophetic practice (sunnah).

Toes during prostration should be extended such that they point in the direction of the Ka’bah (Qibla) whenever possible.


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