Tazkiyah or Ihsaan

Is there a difference between tazkiyah and ihsaan? In short, YES.

Tazkiyyah is a Quranic term
Ihsaan is a hadeeth term

2 parts
– Takhliya – remove diseases of heart
– Tahliya – beautify the heart with good traits

2 stations of ihsaan:
– worship as though you are witnessing Allah – first or  higher station – mushaahada
– worship as though Allah is witnessing you – second or lower station – muraaqaba

Science of Tasawwuf originated from the concept of tazkiyah and ihsaan. Just like the sciences of fiqh, hadeeth, tafseer, creed and Arabic grammar, etc., tasawwuf is also a science that deals with tazkiyyah and ihsaan.

The ‘path’ to achieve tazkiyyah or ihsaan or tasawwuf is tareeqah or sulook. Other relevant terms are maslak and madhhab .

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