Time spent in Tabligh

A question in relation to concept of 40 days, 10 days or 3 days going in path of Allah to spread Deen, how authentic is this? A section say you should leave your families and go in the path as all the Sahabas did at the time of Prophet PBUH. Am i responsible for someone who lives e.g in Japan to tell him about Islamic teaching?

Time spent in Tabligh

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  1. Shuja

    My only concern is Tableeghi jamat has ideology to get muslims to observe islam and its practices and make them more practicing muslim which is good.

    But why do tableeghi jamat say they are doing dawah. They also give examples of how sahaba r.a used to give dawah to non-muslims but then jamat goes to only muslims but give examples of sahaba giving dawah to non-muslims.

    Why this deception. There is also so much lies amongst the tableeghis. They say read this these many times and you will get this much reward which is from saheeh hadith sometime and many times from weak and fabricated stories.

    They do gasht saying it was done by sahaba. But when you read history like ottoman empre etc it was all about conquering lands and imposing islam.

    Also going to same houses and telling them to be part of the group. Memorising same surahs instead of new. So for example if 4 people already know alam tarah then they should try to memorize other surahs but they keep trying to memorize same surah or try to sort the tajweed without a qari in the halqa and they also say this was done by sahaba, again lies.

    Basically every muslim has to convey message of islam to both non-muslim and muslim. A person with heart attack and fever both needs to be given attention. But this but that etc is all deception trying to follow maulana ilyas not Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

    There are many good this in tableeghi jamat but they should try and align it with quran and sunnah, or atleast have selected people conveying islam to non muslims

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