Understanding Corona Virus Vaccination


Dr Muhammad Saleem Anwar, FRCP (Host)

Dr Arafat Mirza - MBBS MRCP MSc FRCR (Co-host)

Basics and How it affects us:

Dr Javeed Ahmed​ MBBS MD FRCPath (Virology)

Immune systems and how the vaccination work:

Dr Yusuf Kareem MBBS; MRCP UK

Infection - Facts and Figures:

Dr Khurram Khan, MD MRCP-UK, Dip Oncology

Islamic Perspective

Mufti Dr Hammad Tufail Chaudhary MBBS, FCPS, PhD

Panel Discussion - Concerns & Controversis

Mowlan Dr Muhammad Saleem Anwar, MBBS, FRCP

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  1. Shamim

    Asalamualaikum Thank for lovly program so much information jazallhier jest a request if I can get doctor sleem number

  2. M Hamid

    Assalamo Alikom
    Jazakom Allah Khair .
    Two points :
    First : Some of the videos are in Urdu !! We are Arabs and can understand English but not Urdu.
    Second : some area too lengthy and went into scientific details which are more for doctors and not for ordinary ppl .
    Would highly appreciate if you can make one page summery in English , AND the types of vaccine recommended with high protection and less side effects ( priority list ) by the will of Allah sw. If you can have this summery Pls send to me by email in addition to putting it on your website.

    Jazakom Allah Khair

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