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  • Discord in the Muslim ummah troubles you or
  • You are one of the parties in the discord and
  • You want to find its cause and solution.

People following madhahib and the ‘Salafis’ or ‘Ahl-al-Hadeeth’ condemn each other. People with Sufi inclination and Barelvi school of thought are frequently labelled as innovators. The cause of discord is mostly lack of knowledge despite an explosion in mass communication in recent years.

The problem is particularly serious in the Indian subcontinent not least because this region has been an important centre for Islamic scholarship for centuries. While academic disagreement among the scholars is acceptable, among the common people is at least a waste of time and energy.

Not much work toward resolving this discord is found in Urdu which is the dominant language spoken by a large number of Muslims including those who have emigrated from the subcontinent. Dr  Muhammad Saleem Anwar addresses the common reasons for the discord among Muslims in his simple and persuasive speeches delivered to a group of his students.

Dr Anwar is a Respiratory physician living in the UK with his wife and three children. He has studied Islamic sciences from shuyukh and scholars in Pakistan and the UK over the last 22 years. He has been involved with teaching and da’wah for over two decades now, Alhamdulillaah.

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