[ENG] Fiqh of Zakaah by Dr Saleem Anwar

Unfortunately, many Muslims are unaware of the basic legal rulings related to Zakaah (Obligatory Charity). Dr Saleem explains the basic rules of Zakah as per Hanafi School of law.


[ENG] Life After Hajj by Dr Saleem Anwar

More a 2 million people perform Hajj each year yet the condition of Ummah does not change. Why don’t the supplications of these Muslims accepted? How do we know whether the Hajj is accepted or not?


[ENG] Quran – The Rope to Bind the Ummah Together – How to Connect with it? by Dr Saleem Anwar

Some scholars advise people to read Quran with understanding while others would warn against doing so. Both have their arguments and it confuses people. Should we or shouldn’t we? Dr Saleem explains what do scholars mean by their respective statements. The focus remains the ‘connection’ with Quran at each level.


[ENG] Hanafi Methodology by Dr Saleem Anwar

One of the reasons for the downfall of this ummah is the disunity among the Muslims. The contention among Muslims stems from the differences of Imams of Islamic law in certain detailed matters. Most of these are actually very trivial. However, the Muslim ummah has long forgotten the golden principle of differing in subsidiary matters.
Part of the reason why people criticise the followers of other than their Imams or scholars is the lack of insight in to the methodology the ‘others’ use.

Dr Saleem tries to minimise the divide and split among Muslims by explaining the methodology adopted by Imam Abu Hanifah RA. Once understood, it would help acknowledge why the Imam and his followers don’t act upon some of the most famous hadiths. The talk is not intended to make people agree with the arguments but to enable them to realise and not censure what had always been legally acceptable based on a different methodology among the scholars of this ummah.

May Allaah unite the ummah and bless it and everyone who wishes well for it.


[ENG] Differences among Scholars by Dr. Saleem Anwar

Dars on Differences among Scholars in English by Dr. Saleem Anwar


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