Beginner’s Arabic in English

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Basic Arabic in Urdu

Lesson 32: (Download Slides) Lesson 31: (Download Slides) Lesson 30: (Download Slides) Lesson 29: (Download Slides) Lesson 28: (Download Slides) Lesson 27: (Download Slies)…

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Nafl after Witr

Shouldn't Witr be last prayer? Can we offer two units after witr? Can we pray Tahajjud if we woke up before Fajr and had already offered Witr?

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Nur ul Idaah – Weekly programme

Classical Manual of Hanafi Fiqh Starting Sunday 04 August 2019Taught by Dr Muhammad Saleem Anwar Every Sunday after Dhuhr prayers over the summer holiday period for 5 weeks Free course…

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Selling cats

Is it haraam or makrooh? Is there a hadith on this issue? What does it mean? What do scholars say about it?

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